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How about a solid wood floor?
Jun 19, 2018

It can be found in daily life that many friends' floors are made of wood. Why is it so popular? In fact, wooden floor with its natural and fresh grain, comfortable foot feeling becomes the first choice that extensive consumer decorates. The solid wood multi-layer floor is a new type of floor between real wood floor and aggrandizement floor, both the natural grain of real wood floor texture and elasticity, and overcome the natural real wood floor is the common fault of the swell-shrink deformation, so solid wood multi-layer floor? Let's see!

How about a solid wood floor


1. Affordable price

Because it is not made entirely of logs, it saves a lot of money compared to solid wood.

2. Good stability

It is formed by cross arranged together process, so the stability is good, when using without too much worry be affected with damp be affected with damp and occurred the phenomenon of deformation, and solid wood multi-layer or installation of floor heating floor family of choice.

3. Easy to handle

Because of its appearance is did paint processing, therefore is durable, does not need too late spend time or money to maintain, the solid wood multi-layer floor on the general market can be inside 3 years not wax, to keep the same paint as new glory.

4. High cost performance

Its raw materials to join a large number of log, so the light foot feeling very comfortable, with real wood has no much difference, it's beautiful sex is also very high, appearance is using high-grade timber, looks like real wood floor, but much cheaper than real wood floor, so we can think very high cost performance.

5. Simple installation

It is installed need not use keel only, the flatness of the surface layer of the foundation is required, do a good job of basic leveling work can, and the influence to the height of the storey is not big, the room with 100 square commonly can be paved in a day.


Have advantage also have its defect necessarily, compare with real wood, the biggest inadequacy is environmental protection sex, the use glue that cannot avoid when producing, so environmental protection sex cannot get safeguard to a certain extent. Additional, because craft requirement is high, the structure is complex, so the multilayer floor quality of each manufacturer is uneven, so everybody chooses when considering big brand as far as possible.

Solid wood flooring selection techniques

1. View structure

First, observe its product structure, it is generally around tenon mouth, because naked eye can see the veneer of one layer overlay, such floor base material with an odd number of layers, so when the choose and buy can have a good look.

2. Paint quality

In an age of healthy, environmental protection is important, so be sure to consult manufacturers use what glue is clearly, whether can be written in the contract, if there are problems can find merchants to compensate. Additional, the paint quality of floor surface is very important also, should consult paint to belong to environmental protection coating clearly so, should not contain halogenated hydrocarbon, heavy metal, formaldehyde and other harmful radiate.

3. Splicing process

Here are available to the naked eye, observing about 5 blocks from the inside out splicing assembly model has been placed on the ground, and make it tight mortise, then see if mortise combine closely, hand to touch, feel whether level off, if the mortise is not strong, and not smooth to the touch, suggest the multiplayer solid wood floor'd better not buy.

Above is the small make up today to bring us a good solid wood multi-layer floor related knowledge, believe friends also have a certain understanding, about the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer floor, please everybody can consult, hope this article helpful to you.

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