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How to clean the hardwood floor?
Jun 19, 2018

Now everybody pays attention to the environmental protection of living space very much, because this everybody is choosing main material when careful especially. Real wood floor is not only beautiful, go up class, and environmental protection, because this a lot of people can choose it when decorate. But real wood floor is more delicate and expensive, maintain rise also more laborious. So how does the hardwood floor clean? Below small make up and everybody introduce a few real wood floor commonly used clean method, hope can help those who need.

How to clean the hardwood floor

There are all kinds of mops on the market today, and they are quite different in materials and styles. You had better choose flat floor mop to clean the dust on the floor, this kind of mop is used a feeling of crude fiber, concave sudden strong clean towels, and add a product used together with adsorption effects. Specific method is: will dry woolen brush towel clip on the flat floor mop, spray some ash adsorbent on clean towel, then wipe the floor surface, hair and dust can be absorbed in woolen clean towel. When finished, remove the towel and wash it in the sink to dry.

How does real wood floor clean 2

Real wood floor is to use log processing and become, because of this, it kept lumber original characteristic on the biggest degree. To better protect the real wood floor in the home, everybody can choose soft dry towel to wipe the floor, this kind of method belongs to those who have a special liking to real wood floor. Most of them are very careful in floor maintenance.

How does real wood floor clean 3

If the floor in your home is dirty, use a soft broom to sweep the floor to minimize hanging. Everybody also can use vacuum cleaner to clean the floor, but the brush head of vacuum cleaner is in when cleanness real wood floor edge seam is achieved ideal effect hard, the person that USES this method for a long time is not much.

How does real wood floor clean 4

You'd better clean the floor regularly to prevent hard scaling on the floor. If real wood floor had hard scale, can according to the case of hard scale, the floor that chooses to have ablative effect is carried out clean. It is important to note that during operation, the movement is from light to heavy, gradually exerting force to avoid unnecessary scratches. Want to operate only when careful, won't cause to the surface of the floor scratches.

Real wood floor clean taboo

In the actual operation, there are some owner of a lack of understanding of real wood floor, in order to achieve fast clean effect, they will use a very wet mop to clean the floor, this is real wood floor to clean the area. Real wood floor retains the characteristic of wood heat bilges cold shrink, with wet mop mop mop the ground is easy to cause the floor to rise drum, deform. In addition, when everyone is cleaning hard scale on the ground, the operation action should be from light to heavy, gradually exert oneself, avoid to produce unnecessary scratch. Want to operate only when careful, won't cause to the surface of the floor scratches.

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