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Multilayer hardwood floor
Jun 19, 2018

1. Advantages of solid wood multi-floor:

Good stability:

Because multilayer real wood floor crisscross the unique structure that arranges, make its stability very good. Do not worry too much about the floor moisture deformation, is also the best floor to install floor heating.

Affordable price:

The lumber dosage of multilayer real wood floor does not have real wood floor big, and can make full use of material, because this price compares real wood floor cheap a lot of.

Easy to do:

The surface of multilayer real wood floor besmear lacquer is handled very well, wear-resistant is very tall, and need not spend too much energy to maintain. The multilayer real wood floor on the market is ok inside 3 years do not wax, also can maintain lacquer face luster if new.

2. Disadvantages of solid wood floor

Poor environmental protection:

Multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board of the unique structure characteristics make it has many outstanding advantages, at the same time it also makes it inevitable in the process of production have to use a lot of glue, layer number, the more the greater the glue used in the light.

Uneven quality:

Due to high technical requirements and complex structure, the quality difference is large. So buy a good brand floor. Biga floors, David floors, and family flooring are all good.

3. How to choose multi-storey floors

1. Materials:

When buying multilayer real wood compound floor board, want to observe the floor whether be same material to plant, board face whether have craze, corrupt, clip skin, dead knot, bug eye, mildew change wait for defect. General quality good multilayer real wood floor, the surface should be texture clear, color bright.

2. Specifications:

When a lot of consumer is in choose and buy multilayer real wood floor, like to choose wide and long multilayer real wood floor, think the floor shop that raises really is installed in the home appears have class, air. Actually, it is not longer the floor with more money is good, can affect the stability of multilayer real wood floor so. The length and width of multilayer real wood floor are appropriate short not long, narrow not wide. Comparatively speaking, the width and length of the floor are proportional to its probability of deformation and degree of deformation. The saying "the thicker the better" is a waste of resources and energy.

3. Color:

Some consumers are very fussy about the color of the floor and need to keep the color difference consistent. But this demand is unreasonable. Because the wood receives the sunlight, the material position, the growing place, the sawing point position different, will inevitably cause the color difference inconsistent situation. This is the masterpiece of nature, can reflect real, natural, noble taste more, there is no need to overchoose.

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