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Real wood floor advantages and disadvantages analysis
Jun 19, 2018

Decorate in household in, the users, when laid floor of real wood floor is usually the preferred products, and to the broad masses of users to a more profound understanding of real wood floor, also in order to facilitate the better use buy real wood floor, below small make up to introduce analytical as well as the advantages and disadvantages of real wood floor of real wood floor is good. I hope it helps.

I. analysis of advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring -- advantages

1, strong practicability, the practicability of the material to ensure the real wood floor of real wood floor, it is through the wood to dry, after a large after the implementation of the production, the thickness of real wood floor is consistent to 18 mm, particularly durable.

2, real wood floor does not have any pollution, choose nature lumber itself does not contain harmful material, can use at ease accordingly.

3. The tactility is very good, and its softness is very high, so it is very comfortable to walk back and forth on it.

4. The wood grain is natural, and it is very simple to make. Many processing procedures have been abandoned, and the natural grain of the original wood has been reserved to the maximum extent.

Ii. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of real wood flooring -- disadvantages

1, daily maintenance is difficult, because of its material makes the stability of real wood floor did not processed good floor, so the bedroom is too much damp or dry solid wood floor to case become warped deformation, etc.

2, real wood floor needs to choose the real wood material that grows in nature in take out material respect, have very big consumption and destroy to only forest resource.

Three, real wood floor is good

1, have excellent sound insulation function of real wood floor, because of its hard materials, precision the fibrous structure of wood, low thermal conductivity, sound isolation and heat function to be better than cement, ceramic tile, and steel.

2, equipped with real wood floor of the room winter warm summer is cool, in the winter, the temperature will be higher than the temperature of ceramic tile of real wood floor 8-10 degrees, people walking on the floor won't feel cold; In summer, the room temperature of real wood floor can be lower than the room temperature of ceramic tile 2 degrees Celsius - 3 degrees Celsius.

3, real wood floor can stand the use of long time, real wood floor is the majority kind, quality is precise, anticorrosion fights insect to decay the advantage such as sex, use normally, use time can be as long as decades.

Conclusion: the above is the small make up to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of real wood floor of parsing and real wood floor is very not good, about what is good, real wood floor believe after everyone in the above article, the in the mind have a certain understanding.

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