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Real wood floor repair method
Jun 19, 2018

Although we all know that real wood floor is sturdy, but it is easy to be scratched, if there is damage surface scratches, which will directly affect the beautiful sex, or lose its luster. If the surface of the hardwood floor is scratched, how can it be repaired? How should we prevent the real wood floor from being scratched? Today small make up and everybody explain the knowledge that real wood floor restores a method, come to understand together!

Real wood floor repair method

1. Floor oil

If its just some shallow surface scratches, then we can use the special essential oil to repair the floor, it is the function of can form a layer of protective film in the surface layer of the floor, a place for minor scratches will not deepen color.

2. Polishing wax

If the paint film on the surface of it is not damaged, but there is a trace of damage, then we can clean the floor first and then directly polish it with polishing wax. The burnish that polishing wax basically is protecting a floor, make real wood floor surface becomes smooth, won't undertake to the place that scratches so deeper harm.

3, brush paint

If it scratches more serious, such as the paint film is damaged or the thief already, then we can dip in with 400 waterproof abrasive paper first some suds burnish of the damage and clean, local complementary color, after being dry color after dry brush besmear again a lacquer, dry after 24 hours, with 400 water sandpaper polished, then wipe floor wax polish.

4. Professional maintenance personnel

If the damage is serious and the area is large, it is recommended to have a professional repairman for renovation or replacement. Generally speaking, the majority still needs to scrape the wooden floor around the broken wood floor, together with the unscratched wood floor, dig up to give. This is because wooden floor and wooden floor have masonry mouth joint, dig a wooden floor to have practical difficulty.

How to prevent real wood floor to be scratched

For many women love to wear high heels, it is suggested that into the best high heels can be take off when indoors, not standing on high heels walk on the wood floor, and also want to avoid weight, sharp fall on the wood floor, these will give wood floor will cause varying degrees of injury, damage to the floor surface paint. We can put a carpet in front of the door or inside to prevent sand particles from getting into the floor from shoes, and wear soft slippers indoors.

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