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Sliding door cleaning and maintenance methods
Jun 19, 2018

In contemporary decorate, more and more owner chooses to install kitchen sliding door for the aesthetic of whole space and the pollution that insulates lampblack. However, eating habits are often stir-fried, leading to more smoke, followed by the kitchen sliding door cleaning has become a major problem. If do not pay attention to clean maintenance leads to sliding door aging acceleration.

Share below a few sliding door cleanness and maintain a method for everybody, let your sliding door already beautiful and durable.

Sliding door in use after a period of time, will accumulate dirt, after absorbing the moisture in the air will be eroded, so clean on time is a must, must be timely clean surface, cycles are usually for half a year time, cleaning is to clean the surface dirt and not damage the surface oxidation film, composite membrane electrophoresis, spraying powder. 1. Sliding door door door cleaning method

Door plank concerns the face of whole inside door, neat, bright door plank can let the inside door in the home is lively. Therefore, the cleaning of door panels is of vital importance. For the daily cleaning of the door plate can use soft, dry cotton or silk wipe, so as not to scratch the surface; If there are serious stains on the door of the inner door, use neutral cleaning agent or special cleaning agent. To clear the surface of a minor scratch, use a soft cloth dip a small amount of toothpaste for repeated wipe.

2. Sliding door frame cleaning method

The border of sliding door everyday cleanness USES dry pure cotton cloth to wipe can. If the sliding door of metallic outer frame is cleaned with water, should twist as far as possible dishcloth, lest the surface is damaged, affect beautiful.

3. Sliding door track cleaning method

Bottom rail easy to accumulate dust, it directly affect the bottom wheel slip, which affects the service life of the sliding door, so at ordinary times should pay attention to often use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, bottom rail use dishcloth dips in water clean, and the corners at the same time with a dropping of pure cotton cloth to wipe dry.

1. Curing method of pulley

The pulley is the soul of the whole inner door. Order one or two drops of oil every six months or so to keep it flowing smoothly. The pulley of sliding door divides fluctuation wheel, if brand pulley, fluctuation wheel USES needle bearing to slide, need not add lubricating oil, want to notice cleanness sundry goods only. A general bearing or rubber wheel is to be lubricated at its sliding position every six months.

2. Maintenance method of sliding door

Do not shake the sliding door too hard to avoid its load force; Prevent gravity from hitting the door body, forbid sharp instrument or gravity to destroy sliding door and track, causing obstacles; If the door or frame is damaged, please contact the manufacturer or ask a professional maintenance worker to repair it.

3. Maintain good operation performance of sliding door

Sliding door looks be like simple, but the structure and key parts still more, remove the orbit of protection is very important, sealed tops and glass glue sealing is the key to guarantee the sliding door sealing, thermal insulation and sound insulation structure, such as have off to timely repair, replacement, so as to have dust, anti-collision, sound insulation, heat preservation of the best effect.

4. Maintenance method of sliding door track

Keep track clean, prevent foreign matter to enter, if the track has too much gray layer can make sliding door have too much noise in use process, and push pull rise is inflexible. If have sundries and dirt, usable brush cleans up, the ash that accumulates in groove and door seal wool is ok vacuum cleaner absorbs. It is also a common way to maintain the track.

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