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The misinterpretation of the concept of solid wood door
Jun 19, 2018

When many homebuyers visit the model house, they often ask "is the door solid wood?" once they hear the negative answer, they turn around and leave. In fact, this is the lack of understanding of modern wooden doors.

We have learned, now the wooden door on the market are mostly with deal or entrance fill material is door core framework, apply is medium density board and solid mumupi, after high temperature hot pressing, called "solid wood composite door". And the so-called "real wood door" that common people seeks, because of price reason, use the breed with less material only commonly and place, wait for small part such as wooden rod, sealing edge. Therefore, solid wood sealing edge, sticking wood veneer is the highest level of modern wooden doors, even the import of advanced European wooden doors.

Real wood door, on the other hand, whether in traditional or modern solid wood composite door, USES wood because its material, texture and other factors, there are obvious the high, medium and low-grade division, the market price is in 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan. Red pine, fir, oak and so on belong to lower grade wood door with material, high-grade real does not have walnut, cherry wood, sand Billy. High-grade solid wood veneer is far more than the value of the low-grade wood, especially a lot of cheap real wood, due to the dehydration process does not pass (wood wood is usually used for drying, the relative moisture content in 8% to 12%), wooden door after a greater chance of shape, craze, so now the wooden door of most used high-grade wood veneers, and often the price does not poor, its product quality and effect of product class, exterior also is compared cheap tower above of door of door of completely real wood a lot of.

In addition, modern wooden doors are decorated with a lot of materials, the use of wood veneer and stickers are very common, but the class is completely different. The wooden door is rich in natural texture, beautiful and collision resistant, but the price is relatively high. The wooden door of sticker is easy to break, afraid of water, but low price, belongs to popular product. When customers visit the wooden door shop, it is very important to find out whether it is solid wood, wood skin or sticker. The real wood and the wooden skin can be called "wooden door", while the sticker can only be called "grain wooden door". Concerned personage warns distinguish wood door is good or bad when you first look at whether the product has product certification, formulated by the state and relevant departments must pay attention to view the product certification testing of wooden door category, lest be.

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