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Wood-plastic floor or ceramic tiles?
Jun 19, 2018

Want to analyse wood model floor and ceramic tile which is good, compare from the following respects commonly:

1. Comfort performance

Wood-plastic floor: natural wood texture, hot in winter and cool in summer, if there is a child in the home fall pain is also small, and barefoot on it will not be too cold.

Ligneous material does not guide sound, even if have what big action upstairs, the person of downstairs also won't strong sense, can partition sound, let a room live rise more calm.

Ceramic tile: be inferior to wooden model floor, when have water more easy dozen slippery.

2. Performance

Wood-plastic floor: need to wax to maintain, after water immersion is easy to deform, antiseptic, waterproof, fireproofing property is inferior to ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile: maintain simple, easy to clean, and use life long, fireproof, waterproof, antiseptic performance is good.

3. Environmental performance

Floor board advocate: wood model floor is taken from natural lumber, do not have radioactivity, do not contain formaldehyde, because this has no harm to human body. The environmental protection of solid wood model floor is very good, it is real wood compound floor next.

Ground ceramic tile: floor tile although has natural radioactivity, have harm to human body, but in recent years, most floor tile arrived the healthy standard range that the country limits.

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