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Wooden door and indoor space color collocation
Jun 19, 2018

On market at present, the design of wooden door is variety, the combination of wood and glass, wrought iron, the wooden door with more elegant, beautiful appearance, also let consumers in selecting the door have more options of different function and collocation method.

Wooden door belongs to the facade functional adornment of the bedroom, it not only has the function that the space delineates, also be the "door face" of the home, at the same time give a kind of comfortable sense of security to host again imperceptibly. Generally speaking, wooden door and the furniture in household, metope lacquer (colour), window cover, mute the connection is bigger, the connection with floor, floor tile is relatively small.

1. Wooden door color and bedroom environment

When our bedroom environment is warm when tonal, relative wooden door can choose warmer color system; When bedroom environment is cold tonal, should choose relatively shallow wooden door, if contemporary style and contracted style.

2. Wooden door color and furniture

Wooden door should close as far as possible with the color of furniture, schoolfellow covers dumb mouth to keep consistent, should have correspondence with metope colour quality, such ability can let a room have administrative levels feeling, unapt too "smooth" also can make room effect feels particularly pure and fresh.

3. Wooden door color and ground color

The colour of the ground and woodwork door coordinate keep same sex as one color as far as possible (if cold, warm), of course, had better not agree. In order to prevent ground with metope chaos not clear, weaken bedroom space feeling, big, or the room that faces Yang is good, can choose deeper black walnut, can create the atmosphere effect that gives more calm. Speak from colour itself, it is beautiful, have no right and wrong, all go up in collocation harmony. If you are really not sure, you can consider white (mixed oil). White is the "one hundred" color, which is the least error-prone color. At the same time, you can also communicate with designers or wooden door sales personnel!

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