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A Brief Discussion On The Paving Process Of Solid Wood Composite Floor
Jun 19, 2018

The decorate material of the ground on the market now is more, real wood is compound floor is one kind of among them, so what does compound floor install a flow to have? Let's talk about it in more detail.

1. The construction site has been cleaned out, and the garbage on the ground has been cleaned, including every corner. The ground cannot be swept clean.

2. Then, the ground should be leveled, and the horizontal error should not exceed 2mm. If the ground is uneven, of course, the floor is not good for the feeling of the back foot. The other is to edge, corner and other surface protruding or uneven local repair.

3. After the floor is cleaned, the moisture-proof layer is spread, which can prevent the floor from damp in the future. The moisture-proof layer should be smooth and the seams should be closed.

4. The following work is the official start of the installation floor, because the floor is installed, must first before paving, will be part of the floor in two, according to the size to saw, saw more than one thousand, floor loss is big.

5. Before sawing the floor, you can open all the floor bags and pick out the defective or defective floor to saw. In this way, you can effectively make full use of the partially problematic floor without causing excessive loss. Don't pick up the floor and saw it when you come up, it will increase the wear and tear.

6. The place that saw a floor must choose the place that has ceramic tile to wait in the balcony to do wholesome, the wood ash that splashes otherwise can enter everywhere invulnerably, very hard clean.

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