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Ecological Wooden Floor Is Loved By People What Reason Is There
Jun 19, 2018

Ecological wood floor has the same natural grain of real wood floor and comfortable foot feeling, don't be widely used in various places, the use of ecological wood floor in the home also is very comfortable, was deeply loved by the owner's friends. So what are the reasons that eco-wooden floors are loved by people?

I. environmental protection

Ecological wood floor USES is renewable log as the backing material, mainly USES the fast-growing poplar, can protect the ecological environment from damage, ecological wood floor USES mostly is a kind of waterborne additives can effectively reduce the formaldehyde release a quantity to ecological wood floor, has the very good environmental protection.

Waterproof and moisture-proof

Ecologic wood floor can use a kind of 6 face close a technology, the waterproof moistureproof effect of ecologic wood floor is promoted to highest. Here small make up have a word to say, that is the technology of ecological wooden floor can reach international advanced level now.

Stable and durable

The production process of ecological wooden floor infiltrates the fiber factor material into the floor evenly, so that the material has a more stable ecological base material. And the ecological solid wood floor USES the ecological wood, has the natural composition synthesis wear-resisting surface, the super wear-resisting and very environmental protection has the good foot feeling.

4. Beautiful appearance

Ecological wood floor USES is mostly a wood grain transfer printing technology, can let the ecological wood floor has the very good imitation solid wood printing effect, with ecological wood floor can minimize the color difference between various kinds of solid wood. And ecological wood floor has more real clear and vivid patterns, its patterns are very hierarchical.

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