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Floor Finish Chooses Ceramic Tile After All Or Wooden Floor? What's The Difference?
Jun 19, 2018

In domestic outfit, ceramic tile and wooden floor are two kinds of main material that decorate. Both options are available, but how do you choose a product that is desirable? Listen to the editor slowly

PK of floor material

Ceramic tile

According to making craft, ceramic tile can be divided into glaze brick, general body brick, polishing brick, vitreous change brick and Mosaic etc. Different ceramic tile, its performance, adornment effect, optimal applicable space and so on all have difference.

The advantage of ceramic tile is durable, cheap and fine, maintain simple, not easy to hide dirty relatively floor. However, as time goes on, the cracks will inevitably blacken, and repair difficulties, replacement trouble.

Wood floor

Wooden floor basically is divided into real wood floor, real wood is compound floor, aggrandizement is compound floor, cork floor and bamboo floor a few kinds, the laid job of different kind floor is much the same as little different.

The advantage of wooden floor is to have comfortable foot feeling, natural beautiful, change is opposite ceramic tile character more easy, because this receives the affection of a lot of people.

But in maintain respect, wooden floor is more troublesome, need to wax regularly to maintain, and should notice to prevent craze, moistureproof, prevent arch to wait a moment. Of course, the price of wooden floor also wants a bit more expensive than ceramic tile.

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