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How To Install Wpc Decking
Oct 27, 2018

WPC decking is mainly used as an outdoor stool strip, which can be widely used in outdoor places such as parks, communities, swimming pools, plank roads, and courtyards.

The wood-plastic floor is simple to install, easy to maintain, and does not require a particularly complicated construction process, which greatly saves installation time and cost.

WPC flooring

Specific installation method

1. Under normal circumstances, the support of the plastic wood (WPC) profile requires a span of 30-50 cm (depending on the size of the profile).

2. Self-powered screws are durable and are the first choice for installing plastic wood (WPC) profiles. 3. When using special screws for installation, you must drill holes beforehand. The diameter of the pre-drilled hole should be less than 3/4 of the diameter of the straight nail or screw

4. When the profile width is greater than 10mm, the end of the profile should be fixed with two screws. Shorter spacing may be required for installation in special use environments or unusual load conditions such as hot water baths

I hope that the above introduction can help you to install wood-plastic flooring better. We are a professional manufacturer. You can contact us for more product information. We will also provide more after-sales service to you.

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