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Knowledge Of Light Wood Floor Layout
Jun 19, 2018

In modern society, wooden floor with the advantages of healthy, environmental protection, comfortable has gradually become the mainstream of the modern consumer products, but now the floor on the market situation, many manufacturers in response to the consumers more captious taste to month, constantly introducing new products for consumers to choose style, modern consumers the most significance on the floor and the whole furniture decorate color coordination, so the floor of the collocation of colour and lustre is most now consumer choice problem.

Today for each consumer to explain the light-colored wooden floor collocation method for your reference.

Shallow light color, sticking out light color wood floors, natural grain of wood is easy to let a person remember the vast forests and fragrant flavor of logs, well suited to build relaxed and modern contracted bedroom style. Below understanding the small tips that below light color wooden floor collocation furniture installs!

Light wood floors

1. Light-colored wooden floor and light-colored furniture are absolutely matched to give people a fresh and fresh feeling. Furniture and wooden floor can be the same color, added more natural breath for the home.

2. The balcony can lay light color outdoor wooden floor, put on green potted plant, can build the natural atmosphere that gives nature.

3. Light color wood floor gives a person drab sense easily, can try a bit of bright-coloured color on the choice of adornment so.

4. The light-colored wooden floor should pay attention to moisture-proof, mould-proof and anti-yellowing; Don't let hard objects touch the wood floor because they leave scratches easily.

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