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The Development Trend Of Solid Wood Composite Door
Jun 19, 2018

Solid wood composite door, refers to solid or close to solid wood and adhesive materials, and door veneer or other covering materials. In solid wood composite doors, it is often used as the base material of common wood. Its solid wood composite door plays the role of structural connection and frame, and improves the deformation resistance. The wood texture is decorative. The thin wood is made from precious tree species and is used as the surface decoration material of the door. Wood BAS. ED panel mainly USES medium fiber board. The material is uniform and the milling performance is good. It can be used as a molded component. The internal structure of solid wood composite door is planar solid wood and solid wood. , real wood door is the door and framed door or panel door on workmanship, adopts the traditional process, the structure is stable and has a very high ornamental and artistry, stereo feeling and heavy feeling coexist, sleek design, smooth texture, can be used in the country, such as the European style of decoration.

The advantage of solid wood door compound door.

1. The production process of solid wood composite door is relatively scientific, and the probability of door deformation and warping is relatively small, so the service life of the door is greatly extended.

2. At present, in the production of industrial production, the production of high precision, in the aspect of using the coating is exquisite, is not easy to release the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, no harm to human body health, is a kind of environmental protection decorates material.

3. The door has a bright texture, a lot of aesthetic feeling, various styles, as well as some imported doors, which can also be used as home decoration, bringing visual enjoyment to consumers.

The solid wood composite door has the real wood effect and impression compared with the solid wood door, but their performance is more stable and quality than the solid wood door. Real wood door because of the inherent lumber stress, prone to cracking and deformation, solid wood composite door by drying, fixed-point, cooking, planing, hot pressing, composite and other technical means, make the wood more stable performance, beautiful. Solid wood composite door is the development trend of future wooden door industry and the inevitable trend of wood product industrialization.

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