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The Key That Outdoor Wood Model Floor Must Consider Before Buying
Jun 19, 2018

Spent big price to buy a house, decorate in the courtyard under good maintenance and use, if often spend time and energy to clean color, maintenance is born with ordinary wood floor pain. Not to mention the sudden arrival of problems such as mildew and termite damage, all of which are frightening. Fortunately, there is a new type of composite material on the market, but the price, quality and size are not the same. How do you choose the one you like? Here are some of the secrets.

Wooden model is compound floor, expose in the environment such as sunshine and moisture, receive ultraviolet ray action, can produce natural fade. If you choose a composite profile with poor anti-fading ability, it will even turn yellow and white, which will affect the overall appearance. It is necessary to find a kind of compound material with excellent anti-fading ability.

2. Select low-maintenance composite floor

If you're like most people, even more keen to choose floor maintenance rate is low, so should not be buying high quality composite profiles, our "bare feet" wood plastic surface cracking, powder paint, stain resistance, no additional maintenance free to enjoy the ease of life.

3. Choose outdoor floors with good waterproof performance

Common floor is not waterproof and hydroscopicity is strong, the breeding that helped mould fungus, not only not beautiful, and still can damage its quality and outside tolerance. To maximize floor space, you should invest in waterproof high-end composite profiles. New type compound section has strong impervious layer to protect, prevent moisture to infiltrate the interior of the floor, protect the floor from random disaster thereby.

4. Select composite profiles that are easy to install

Professional outdoor floors are a nightmare for homeowners, many of whom will choose to hire professionals to help them install them. But the costs are high. And choose a simple flooring line, you don't have to worry about the tedious installation process and complex installation instructions. Our "bare foot" wood plastic, each product is according to the standard production, accessories, packaging, transportation. You only have to do the installation yourself as required. But in order to in your installation process of reducing a series of tedious manual work of handling, transportation and so on. You may please understand local carpenter construction personnel can easily get all the worry, don't need to spend big price to hire professionals for installation.

5. Select comprehensive weather-resistant wallboard

The difference of geographical environment, make the floor type that chooses is different also. Families in cold climates may choose differently from those in hot climates. However, the high quality composite on the market has sufficient capacity to meet any challenge posed by nature. Bare foot "wood plastic weather resistance is very strong :" rain, snow or high temperature can be easily handled. All above 60 degrees above minus 40 degrees can be used.

The most important key: avoid the use of cheap plastic wood, maintenance costs are difficult to estimate

Never buy a bargain. Of a material is cheap because it's too cheap raw materials and formulation, cannot play its correct the mildew corrosion resistance, the subsequent it takes in the maintenance cost is difficult to measure.

In the same way, when you buy a composite profile, you get the same quality at the same price. It goes without saying that everyone will choose the ones with good quality conditions. Why? The conclusion is clear. Everyone wants to work hard for a long time. Everyone is most delighted to have all the problems and troubles solved at once.

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