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Why Can Solid Wood Compound Door Receive The Affection Of Broad Consumer
Jun 19, 2018

Solid wood composite doors in the door industry market share of a large, also more popular consumers. Why can solid wood compound door be popular in door industry market? Winning has its advantages. The reason why it dominates the market is that it is superior in quality and price.

Baking lacquer door causes harm to bedroom environment not only, and high-grade paint price is not cheap, the natural price of real baking lacquer door is relatively high also. General market is sold on a lot of cheap lacquer doors, under the direct sunlight, very easy to change color, deformation. Nowadays, the baking door market is cold and clear, so it can be seen that product innovation will be left behind.

Plywood door bedroom environment pollution is serious, a threat to human health, and the grade is not high, to fashion trends, is the most outdated products, plywood door market space to near zero. The original wooden door is good indeed, its natural, heavy feeling and intrinsic value has cast many Chen zang's eyes.

The original wooden door is made of high-grade wood processing, with the decline of the forest, the price of the original wooden door will also soar. Gradually become the luxury of bedroom consumption.

The exterior of steel wood door is not enough, too rigid hard, build too serious atmosphere to the bedroom, cannot satisfy the sweet feeling that the mankind pursues. So steel door market is also very depressed.

It is obvious that the solid wood composite door is environment-friendly and low-carbon, and has the natural texture of the original wooden door, which makes the living room of different styles successful. The solid wood composite door finally conforms to the trend of The Times and the development of The Times.

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