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Wood - Plastic Composite Profiles Have Wide Application Prospects
Jun 19, 2018

In building door window course of study, the use of plastic profile and lumber is in fierce competition all the time. When high quality real wood door more and more be favorred by the people, the original wooden door products in the city more and more popular, the forest disappeared, also more and more faster for natural resources will run out of the crisis is a wake-up call.

With the development of plastic mechanical industry, largely replaced the wooden doors and Windows, the ecological crisis to some extent, but brings some unavoidable defects, such as plastic material texture and color couldn't surpass product log, nature is a big discount on price. So can we combine plastics with wood to produce a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, practical quality product to replace plastic or wood products?

The appearance and texture of wood - plastic composite materials produced by extrusion process resemble wood and have the same processing and construction performance as wood. The product density is between 600~1000kg/m3, which varies according to the amount of wood fiber filling and the foaming rate, generally around 600~800kg/m3, which is quite close to wood. Water content is about 2%, and wood moisture content was between 12% ~ 13%, compared with the log wood plastic composite material has better water resistance, corrosion resistance, and other functions, and there is no wood natural defects, such as crack, warp, scar knot, clear off color, etc.

Wooden doors and Windows in addition to the mechanical, physical and chemical damage, there is also a cause of weakness, it is pest damage, such as termites, moth and other pests, and wood plastic composite profiles contain a variety of chemicals, can resist pests. Flexible cross section design, in addition, the product can design adornment sex is strong decoration structure and various functional structure, function structure and decoration and wood structure is often limited by machining method, a lot of adornment effect is difficult to achieve. Obviously, these are all wood - plastic composite extrusion products better than wood products, and almost everywhere.

Wood plastic composite extrusion products have most of the advantages of ordinary plastic material, such as flame retardant, anti-aging, and other advantages of ordinary plastic material can't replace, quality performance, such as color, texture, light weight, can be nails, drilling, sawing, planing, on paint, adhesive, such as processing performance. However, wood - plastic composite extruded products welding performance is poor, it is not suitable for welding basically. But, use wood model compound to extrude a product to be able to be in the field construction, can bring a lot of convenience to door and window transportation and installation, also made up for lack of regret on certain degree.

The use of wood-plastic composite profiles can save energy to a large extent, reduce the loss of non-renewable resources, and maintain the balance of natural ecology. On the other hand, since wood - plastic composite profile has incomparable advantages with plastic profile and wood, but also energy - saving, environmental protection, is bound to have extensive application prospects. We can believe that, as the wood plastic composite extrusion products for improving the production technology and production process of large scale promotion, wood plastic composite profiles will gradually replace the position of the plastic and wood products.

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