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Outdoor Living WPC Decking

WPC Decking is leading the way with its environmentally friendly, low maintenance range of thermoplastic composite decking boards. WPC is conserving our precious native forest timbers, and making positive inroads to reducing global warming and habitat degradation. As WPC Decking requires no painting, staining or oiling and this avoids using potentially polluting preservatives.

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Product name

Outdoor Living WPC Decking

Reference Purpose

Hollow Decking(Non-Capped Or Regular WPC Type)

Model No


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Surface Treatment

Sanding or Brushing


10 years

Standard Length

2200mm(or Customized Size)



Applied Area

Decking of Residential area, balcony, garden & Private Park, Pool.

WPC FLOORING Advantages:

1, Rough and tough material for all weather conditions

2, Best to use as an exterior grade material

3, Non toxic and borer free

4, Can be moulded in any shape

5, Corrosion resistance


How to clean and maintenance the WPC decking? 

1. Scratch   
  Slight Scratch didn't matter a lot to the appearance of decking. A light metal brushing or medium sanding paper can be used if you insisted on removing such scratch.
2. General Dirt & Debris 
   the affected area should be sprayed off with a hose to remove surface debris. Use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris from the embossing pattern.
3. Ice & Snow 
 A plastic shovel may be used to remove snow from the deck .Use Calcium, chloride or rock salt to melt the snow and ice from the deck surface.
4. Oil /Grease/Food 
    All food spills should be removed as soon as possible. The surface must be cleaned within seven days to maintain the stain warranty. To remove, spray off with a hose and use warm, soapy water and soft bristle brush to remove spills from embossing pattern.
5. Mold & Mildew 
   If debris such as pollen and dirt is allowed to remain on the deck surface, mold can freed on the bio film .Using a hose and warm soapy water with a soft bristle brush is recommended to remove the food source and mold.
6. Water Stain
    Water stain may happen after heavy rains; this is because of wood content of WPC materials. 
    When notice the stain, wipe the stain by cloth with warm soap water in sunny weather will help remove the stain.  




Q1: Do you offer free samples?
A1: Yes,Free samples are available.

Q2: What is your delivery time?
A2: Within 25 days after receipt of your order.

Q3: Do you have certification?
A3: We have ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, FSC,

Q4.can you make the light color? like white?
A4: Yes, we can, colors are no problem, co-extrusion is different colors, please tell us what color you need.

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